Blackout roller blinds for sliding glass doors

Blackout roller blinds for sliding glass doors | Optika Videlina

You need to be aware of patio door window treatment options

Can you hang window treatment on your patio doors? This patio door isn’t the best place to hang shades, Blackout roller blinds for sliding glass doors  or curtains. You can still add window treatments to this space. Before you start looking for new coverings for your home, be sure to take a look at these tips and tricks about window treatments, home decor, and glass patio doors.

Why Patio Doors Should Have Window Treatments

There are several factors that will impact the answer to this question. Some homeowners don’t have to cover their patio door. Window coverings are not the right choice for your patio doors if the natural light is important to you. If you are looking for home decor that serves a purpose, this is something you should consider.

You want privacy. Patio doors let neighbors (and anyone else who can look into your yard) have a c

lear vision of your home’s interior. Window treatments offer privacy

Blackout roller blinds for sliding glass doors


 when you want it, but also allow for a view outside when you don’t.

Add decorative accents. Window treatments can add style and color to your home by adding patterns or bold colors. Blinds, curtains, and many other options can give your room a pop of color, or help to tie together the decor.


You will need insulation. If you have older patio doors, larger patio doors may not be as efficient in energy efficiency. Insulated curtains or blinds, exterior shutters, and external shutters can keep the cold/heat from the outside while keeping the cooled/heated in.

A space without light is what you want. It is not always possible to have natural light in your home. Window treatments can decrease the amount of light that your doors receive or block out the sun. Do your patio doors have a view that is not so great? Blinds, curtains, or drapes may block your view of the outdoors.


Do you need window treatments for patio doors?

No patio window treatment is universal and will fit every home and every door. The following factors will help you answer the question:

The style of the door. Sliding doors, French doors, or other types of patio glass are all options. Although two curtains might work well for a double French door, this option can make sliding patio doors more difficult to use.

The decor in the room. The decor of your patio door windows should match the style of the room. Its function and use. Are you looking to have window treatments you can remotely control or that you can move up and down easily? Motorized blinds are the best choice for this purpose.

You can choose whether Blackout roller blinds for sliding glass doors  will cover the entire entrance or let in some natural light. Motorized blinds and Blackout roller blinds for sliding glass doors  shades are all options for complete coverage. You also have the option of heavy, full-size drapes.


The room. What room does your patio lead to? 


You have different privacy and decor requirements for bedroom, living, and dining rooms.

You can find patio window treatments in the same styles as you would for windows. Talk to a professional about the best treatment for your room. A professional can help you evaluate styles, sizes of fabrics, materials, and other options.

Are you interested in custom window treatments or designer window coverings for your patio doors? 

Contact Silvan’s & Phillips Drapes & Blinds today to discuss your options regarding patio door window coverings.

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