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Retractable Screen Door vs Traditional Screen Door

We are incredibly fortunate to live and enjoy the beautiful Southern Utah weather nearly every year. It’s a great place to spend time outside, but keep the doors closed to allow the cool breeze to enter. You can grill or enjoy a cup of coffee, a book, and a cup or two indoors or outdoors. A screen door allows for cool breezes inside and keeps bugs and debris out.


Traditional Screen Door/Storm Door

Sometimes, curb appeal is all that matters! Some people don’t like storm doors or feel they do not match the style of their home. Storm doors won’t completely block the front door. People who do not wish to alter the appearance of their front doors, especially if they are custom-made, may choose not to have storm doors installed.

Storm doors consist of an aluminum mounting frame that is either aluminum or screen-coated. Storm doors can either be mounted to the outside of or in front of a door exterior. They are often found on front entrance doors but can be attached to other exterior doors depending on the purpose.

Retractable Screen Doors are more affordable than Storm Doors but can be as expensive or less depending on the style. Storm doors require that they be ordered. Installation can often take 2 to 3 weeks. A ventilating or screen door allows you to let in fresh air while protecting your home from bugs and other outdoor debris. You will need to open the full view door to qualify in the breeze.

Retractable Screen Door vs Traditional Screen Door

Retractable screen doors

Retractable Screen Doors offer many advantages that traditional storm doors and screen doors do not. You can hide them only when you are using them. If not in use, the retractable screen folds up into a housing that can be strategically attached to your outside door frame. 

The advantage of using the screen only when necessary is that the screen is hidden from any harmful elements such as dirt or sun rays. The powder-coated housing and parts that come with the retractable door will last a long time.

Retractable screen doors are available in a range of colors that will match any front or back door. We take the time to make sure your Retractable Screen Doors match your home.

Every door opening can be different in size. Every door opening is different. When we measure, each door is custom-built for that particular opening.

The retractable screen doors are kept out of the way when not in use so you can see the outside world clearly. You can only see them when you really need them. The cool breeze is letting in the fresh air, but the bugs are out!

Retractable screen doors cost on average $425. In most cases, we can install them on the same day. For French door openings, pricing varies for single and double Retractable Screen Doors. Call us today to receive a complimentary quote and consultation.

A retractable screening door is a flexible screen that rolls up and retracts into a housing attached to the outside of your door jamb. Retractable windows screens operate in the same manner, except that they reject vertically. These innovative screen designs will meet all your outdoor screen needs.


How a retractable screen door works

When they’re not being used, the retractable doors roll up into housing and hang vertically on the jamb. A retractable screen door attaches to a fitting at the opposite end of a single-door setup. If you have double-wide doors, the retractable screen door seals magnetically in place at the center of your doorway to attach to a second unit on the opposite side. For most retractable screens, you will need to attach a track along both the top or bottom of the door jamb in order to keep it in position when extended.


Why Choose Retractable Windows Screens over Traditional Styles

Retractable screen doors and retractable windows screens can serve two primary purposes. The first reason is that some screen doors or screens can be challenging to fit into the available space. French doors, arched and sliding doors are all options that can be difficult when trying to find a screen door that is attractive, functional, and effective.

A retractable screen door can fit any door style, from the traditional to the most unusual. This makes it the ideal solution for doorways that don’t allow conventional hanging screen doors. A retractable window screen is better than regular ones for the views.

Standard screens will be in your way all year. They can block sunlight, obscure your view and collect dust. A retractable window screen or retractable screen door can solve this problem. These retractable window screens and doors disappear when completely retracted. Your view out of your window or door will be clear as daylight.

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