Window Shades That Roll Up and Down

Window Shades That Roll Up and Down | Optika Videlina

Summertime Patio Door Window Treatments


Many of us are now working remotely. We are constantly trying to motivate our children, or ourselves. As we try to figure out how our homes can be more comfortable over the long-term, here are some tips. You can take advantage of the warm, seasonal glow of the sun by opening your patio doors.

You and your children will have great weather, so your patio will be the place where you can entertain them. While you’re enjoying an “al fresco” meal at the BBQ, you can also take a few moments to read or relax. However, patio Window Shades That Roll Up and Down treatments must be durable enough to withstand heat while still allowing you to enjoy the view. These special summer patio door options will help you bring summer’s essence into your space.

Solar shades are also called solar screens. The name says everything! They do not block the light, but they can still be seen. Without the harsh sunlight glaring into your eyes, you can still keep an eye on your children while you make dinner.

Window Shades That Roll Up and Down

Solar shades can be used to limit the summer heat inside your home, protect you from UV rays, and keep your furniture and decor from fading in the bright daytime.

The white and cream solar shades look modern and fresh and let more light into your room. Darker solar shades will increase the brightness of your room, while also reducing the heat and glare. For the perfect room, you should choose the “openness level” that best suits your needs. The weave of the fabric will determine how much light is allowed through the patio doors.

Solar shades are a personal favorite. Solar shades have a wonderful effect on the sun. My patio doors are facing west so I can feel the difference. Now I can find peace and solace in the cool shaded room.

You won’t find anything that will make you feel more light and airy during the hot summer days like sheer drapery. Sheer drapery can look elegant and refined without being too formal.

Sheer drapery will soften the glare on patio doors of any type and add a touch sophistication to any space. But it won’t feel heavy like most fabric drapes. While sheer drapery may not be as versatile or as effective as the light-reducing Window Shades That Roll Up and Down treatments, it can add a touch of elegance to any room.

It blends in with any environment. These stunning sheer curtains with a metallic shine will suit those of you who prefer dramatic drapery.

It’s okay to dream once in a while and create the ultimate window treatment. Life is too short not to enjoy the fast lane. Instead, make your home shine. You can be sure to have a spectacular view with every type of blind.

While you have probably seen honeycomb or cellular shades on Window Shades That Roll Up and Down, did you know that you could also place them on patio doors? Cellular shades can be used for summer living. Because they are energy efficient, they keep your home cool. Also, the various opacities let you choose different light filtering options.

For those who live in the desert, where it is hot and humid, consider using a darker shade or a blackout. A sheer cellular or low-opacity shade will allow you to enjoy the warm summer sunshine.

Cellular shades also come in vertical or horizontal configurations. This allows you to choose whether you want your shades to be open top-down, bottom-up or sideways.

Cellular patio shades are the perfect choice for busy families who want a minimalist look, privacy and ease. The shades’ little pockets of goodness help keep the heat out during the day and can be raised to become an invisible window treatment for the evening when the moon and sunset cast their magic on your porch or deck.

Cellular shades can be used in either a horizontal or vertical arrangement. This allows for patio sliding door window treatments to be opened from both sides.

This sleek, side-by-side cellular shade is a modern twist on an old favorite – “verticals”. It’s a great choice for big patio doors Window Shades That Roll Up and Down with lots of open space. Do you get tired of the “clinking clink-clinking clanking” sound of old vertical blinds? Get new cellular shades to make your patio doors and sliding glass doors more spacious. We can custom fit these shades to fit even large sliding glass doors.

Window Shades That Roll Up and Down

Natural woven wooden shades will give your space that tropical vibe. These are the perfect summer option for French and single patio doors. The beautiful light they let in is so refreshing that you don’t feel the heat.

The best feature of top down bottom-up is the ability to control how much sunlight and privacy you desire. This can give your environment the feeling that you are in a quiet cabana sipping Mai Tails.

You can add warmth and style to any room with woven shades, whether you are looking for traditional, modern, or rustic. Don’t be afraid to mix and pair. Try out the different textures and natural weaves that only woven timbers can offer for these beautiful, open views beyond your patio doors.

The modern decor world values woven wood blinds for their sophisticated, but casual look. Many people who cover their patio or sliding doors in woven clothes call them “hanging curtains” or “natural blinds”.

Summer is full of sun, heat, and glare. Your patio doors can be used to soak up the sun or to shelter from the storms. However, these open spaces are meant for enjoyment throughout the year. 

You have the opportunity to take advantage of these beautiful summer days to go where your dreams take you. Our imagination is now the only way to find these new sacred spots.

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